About us

My name is Wendy Verhoef-Aertssen. I'm a Master Pediatric Physical Therapist. I work for over 20 years in a private practice for children in the Netherlands and I also work at the university of Master Pediatric Physical Therapy at Avans+ in Breda (The Netherlands).

My name is Bouwien Smits-Engelsman, Professor of Developmental Human Movement Science at the University of Leuven in Belgium and I am engaged in research in motor control and motor learning in typically developing children and children with learning disabilities, and congenital or acquired brain damage. I am scientific advisor to the Master Pediatric Physical Therapy at Avans+ in Breda, the Netherlands and have developed several measurement instruments (eg School Questionnaire for Teachers, SOS (screening instrument for Dysgraphia), Dutch and Flemish version of MABC test and checklist, Line Copy Task). Moreover I am the major contributor to a newly developed method for treatment of children with poor motor skills (like Developmental Coordination Disorder), namely the Neuromotor Task Training (NTT).