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The FSM-test kit:

  • Manual with norm scores for children 4-10 years
  • Instruction DVD
  • Score form
  • Wooden box and a plastic box
  • 3 different sices bag
  • Ruller
  • Stopwatch
  • Tape
  • Building plan for the stairs

Price: 375 euro (excl BTW and exc shipping costs)

Functional Stength Measurement; a valid and reliable instrument for children between 4-10 years of age

The workshop takes  3.5 hours. It consists theory about (functional) strength (1 hour) and practice
(2 hours). You learn to measure strength with the FSM and the interpretation of the scores.
  • In company training for minimal 8 persons and a maximum of 16 persons (on location or conference center)
  • To subscribe for the workshop

Price: 65 euro pp (excl refund of travel expenses)